Wednesday, June 28, 2006


First off, I'd like to give a mad shout out, or mad props, or proppy shouts, or or shroppy pouts, or whatever the current term is, to the nice folks over at alt.portland, for linking to my rant about the Essential Forces fountain over at the Rose Quarter (among other things).

Second off, a brief program note: I've acquired another colony in the ever-growing Cyclotram multimedia empire. Please bid a hearty "hi" to cyclotram3, my infinitely humble blog over at MySpace. Yes, that MySpace. I figured I ought to check it out, even though I think it's teh st00pid. Don't expect a great deal of thrilling excitement over there; the idea is that people can find me over there, and then find their way here. In the end I think MySpace will be the AOL of the 21st century. It'll be acceptable for a lot of people for a limited span of time, but ultimately the "walled garden" model always loses out. Every tech CEO would love to be in charge of an MSFT-style predatory monopolist, but MySpace-style social networking is only going to be cutting edge for a few short years, and then something else shiny and new will come along, and MySpace will go the way of Lycos, Excite, and friends. It'll be one of those things "Generation Y" people will reminisce fondly about once they hit about age 27 or so, sort of the way people my age did about archaic things like playing outdoors without constant and extremely strict adult supervision. Oh, and about Madonna, if we're being brutally frank here. But only the early stuff. Like all right-thinking citizens, I stopped being a diehard fan around the time of "Papa Don't Preach". Now that was a dreadful, dreadful song.

So without further ado, here are a few selected referrer pages I got lately, since it's hot outside and I'm unable to think of anything to write about. Or more precisely, I have a few ideas to write about, but it's hot outside and I'm inclined towards sleeping instead of writing.

  • Tabitha's Blog, about live in rural Alaska. Pretty fascinating, at least for me. In the Pacific NW we tend to have a sort of inferiority complex about Alaska. We have nature, sure, but they really have nature. We have salmon, but they've got the good salmon, and lots of 'em. We're rugged and independent and all, and we defy the elements, yeah, yeah, whatever, but we're a bunch of wimpy East Coasters compared to Alaska. Read this blog, and look at the photos, and weep, puny lower-48-ers. And those of you in my (somewhat) sizeable UK contingent, I just don't know what to say to you guys. You can talk about remote northern Scotland all you want, but in Alaska everything is bigger than Scotland. I'm not exaggerating here. Everything. Especially the mosquitoes.
  • Productos Brain-Team. I haven't run this through Babelfish to see exactly what it's about, but it's a tech blog of some sort, and the name's fantastic.
  • ohime nana
  • Esculturas de lury Pinto. It's sort of like Claymation, except in Portuguese, and in blog form. Other than that, it's kinda like Claymation.
  • VIM in Belize. A blog from freakin' Belize, already. I don't care if it's mostly about church stuff, it's from freakin' Belize. (Note to oldsters: "Belize" is the place formerly known as "British Honduras") I also got a search engine hit from Belize a couple of days ago, FWIW. This visitor must've been bored to tears by the way I write, because s/he clicked on the link to translate this page in to Pirate. Yarrr!!!! Stereotypes are a terrible thing, but maybe sometimes they exist for a reason. I mean, with Belize being on the Caribbean coast and all.
  • Four Corners of NY Photoblog from NYC, with lots of baseball photos.
  • 4th Avenue Blues Interesting, somewhat New Agey blog.

And a few referrer pages from earlier that I never got around to posting:

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My last post is not in spanish!! :)

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