Thursday, June 22, 2006

Meet Nix & Hydra

The two little moons of Pluto discovered last year now have official names: Nix and Hydra. Sounds like a twisted Nickelodeon cartoon, or maybe an almost-famous indierock emo duo. "Nix" should not, not, not be confused with "Nyx", which is an asteroid, not a moon. Get it right, silly.

Hydra, meanwhile, should not be confused with the alcopop of the same name. Also I can't very well say "Hydra" without mentioning my Hercules vs. Hydra post, part of my recent foray into total math geekage, in which I sought to bore readers out of their minds -- and I often succeeded. Yay for me!

If I wasn't sick to death of the word "blogosphere", I'd say that's where these four N&H links came from:

  • Laura Elizabeth looks at the mythology behind the names.
  • More mythological musing at ryusen
  • The comments at shsilver feature the first lame joke I've seen about the new names.
  • And The Empty Space In My Head uses the moons in a nice post, which occasions me to wonder when my posts became so prosaic. Oh, wait, they've always been this way. My bad.

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