Monday, April 28, 2008


So earlier this morning this humble blog recorded visitor #66,666. Which is somewhat interesting in a numerological sense, given my nym (and yes, I do already realize it's a dumb nym.)

Said visitor arrived here all the way from Hong Kong, arriving to check out a recent Holga post, and particularly this photo of "Rusting Chunks #5". The Chunks have been a recurring topic, almost a recurring character here (and on Flickr) since the very beginning, so I guess this is sort of appropriate. Or whatever.

I guess Hong Kong is sort of fitting too, considering that's where Holgas come from (mfr's product page here). You don't often hear about their other camera products -- they've got a 35mm fixed-focus camera that looks like a winking cat... and it plays music! Brilliant! I mean, depending on what music it plays, obviously.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

a moblog, just because I haven't lately...

So here I am again, having a beer and noodling away on the Blackberry, probably looking like an utter clown. Oh, well. I'm just getting over a cold, so I'm not too concerned about cutting a suave figure just now. Actually I pretty much never care about that, being a programmer and all.

If you haven't yet experienced the cold that's going around, you're in for a real treat. I was so loopy on Tuesday that I got on the wrong bus and didn't notice for six blocks. It was a C-Tran bus, and the color scheme inside was all different, and I didn't clue in until I noticed the "Now Hiring C-Tran Drivers" poster. Feh.

So I spent yesterday at home, perfecting my hot toddy skillz. And answering work email. The combination worked better than you might expect. I also managed to crank out a new SNR post. If anything, those have become even more rare than new posts here.

The recent scarcity of posts here doesn't mean I've scaled back writing. I merely haven't been *posting*. I actually have a backlog of unfinished posts I need to deal with somehow. Once you have a couple of drafts sitting there, it starts to weigh on you a little. It's a sign you've raised the bar a bit high, and maybe it's time for a couple of light, fluffy, research-free posts, just to get back in the habit. Hence this post, and the previous one about flowers, and the one before that about my hit counter (which incidentally ought to be hitting 66,666 real soon now).

So before I make this into a big deal (or my already low battery dies) I think I'll wrap this up, finish my Chernobyl, and go take some photos.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

assorted flowers, by popular(?) demand

tulip, nw pdx

after the rain, o'bryant square

A comment to the previous post mentioned something about flowers, and it occurred to me that I hadn't actually posted any flowers here for quite some time. Recently I've just been throwing them up on my Flickr stream and failing to show or mention them here, purely out of sheer laziness. Or possibly it's ennui... I'm not sure, and sorting it out would take effort, and if I was up for effort I wouldn't be in this situation.

tiny flowers

It's not my fault, you know. Taking flower photos means going out in the damn weather, a constant 46 degrees and drizzly for months on end. It's certainly possible to go out looking for flowers, but one often doesn't wish to do so. One often prefers to turn on the fire and curl up on the sofa with beer and comfort food, say, rotisserie chicken and tater tots. Maybe see if there's a good hockey game on. This would all be perfectly normal in February, but it's almost May now, and I am most displeased.


To give you some idea of the true extent of my unseasonable lethargy, today I had a meeting scheduled for a room on the other side of my building. That's basically diagonal across a normal 200' Portland city block, but along a somewhat less than direct route. The total distance would be somewhere between 282' ( = 2 * sqrt(2) * 100 ) for the straight diagonal, and 400' along the perimeter of the building. So let's say 340 feet, plus a ~30 foot detour for coffee. There was also a webcast & conference call we set up so a couple of offsite employees & contractors could watch and listen. So I logged in and watched the webcast, because I didn't feel like walking across the damn building. How pathetic is that?

african daisy

Be that as it may, here's a selection of recent flowers I don't think I've posted here yet, probably. I could go back and look just to be sure, but you may have noticed I'm a veritable explosion of apathy just now.

white & gold

uv african daisy

blue, o'bryant square

flowers, duniway park

16 bits, yay

Sometime over the weekend this humble blog welcomed visitor 65536, or 0x10000 in hex. FWIW.

I didn't check quite in time to see how that visitor got here, but most visitors here arrive via Google Image searches, so that's probably what it was. I suppose it's for the best that I missed the blessed event, otherwise I might've felt obligated to give out a special prize or something, I dunno.