Saturday, April 30, 2016

april keepalive

This is another one of those periodic "I need to post at least once in this calendar month" posts. I actually haven't posted anything since early March, and it's May tomorrow, so this is close to the maximum possible time gap without breaking the decade-long run. I actually have a slightly different alibi this time; I was on vacation for a couple of weeks in March (and I've barely sorted the photos from that, so there'll be a few Hawaii photosets to post whenever I get around to it). Then I got sidetracked working on a fun open source project that I'd love to link to if I wasn't trying to keep blogging/social media and professional stuff separate. Suffice it to say it was fun, and it took up a lot of spare time that might've otherwise been spent here. Maybe I'll get back into this thing again in May.

To be honest I'm sort of trying to decide whether to just bulk post the contents of my drafts folder as-is, just so I can stop stressing over it.