Monday, April 28, 2008


So earlier this morning this humble blog recorded visitor #66,666. Which is somewhat interesting in a numerological sense, given my nym (and yes, I do already realize it's a dumb nym.)

Said visitor arrived here all the way from Hong Kong, arriving to check out a recent Holga post, and particularly this photo of "Rusting Chunks #5". The Chunks have been a recurring topic, almost a recurring character here (and on Flickr) since the very beginning, so I guess this is sort of appropriate. Or whatever.

I guess Hong Kong is sort of fitting too, considering that's where Holgas come from (mfr's product page here). You don't often hear about their other camera products -- they've got a 35mm fixed-focus camera that looks like a winking cat... and it plays music! Brilliant! I mean, depending on what music it plays, obviously.

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