Thursday, April 24, 2008

a moblog, just because I haven't lately...

So here I am again, having a beer and noodling away on the Blackberry, probably looking like an utter clown. Oh, well. I'm just getting over a cold, so I'm not too concerned about cutting a suave figure just now. Actually I pretty much never care about that, being a programmer and all.

If you haven't yet experienced the cold that's going around, you're in for a real treat. I was so loopy on Tuesday that I got on the wrong bus and didn't notice for six blocks. It was a C-Tran bus, and the color scheme inside was all different, and I didn't clue in until I noticed the "Now Hiring C-Tran Drivers" poster. Feh.

So I spent yesterday at home, perfecting my hot toddy skillz. And answering work email. The combination worked better than you might expect. I also managed to crank out a new SNR post. If anything, those have become even more rare than new posts here.

The recent scarcity of posts here doesn't mean I've scaled back writing. I merely haven't been *posting*. I actually have a backlog of unfinished posts I need to deal with somehow. Once you have a couple of drafts sitting there, it starts to weigh on you a little. It's a sign you've raised the bar a bit high, and maybe it's time for a couple of light, fluffy, research-free posts, just to get back in the habit. Hence this post, and the previous one about flowers, and the one before that about my hit counter (which incidentally ought to be hitting 66,666 real soon now).

So before I make this into a big deal (or my already low battery dies) I think I'll wrap this up, finish my Chernobyl, and go take some photos.

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