Thursday, May 01, 2008

notes to self, photo edition

One of my many bad habits is that I spend an inordinate amount of time surfing the net on the ol' Crackberry. If I have a spare moment, or I'm bored, or nobody's looking, or nobody I know is looking, or nobody I particularly like is looking, or I generally just feel the inclination, I tend to whip out the BB and start Googling about. It's convenient, but it's really not the best web browsing experience you could ask for, so often once you've found a page you want to bookmark it for future reference with a 'real' computer. Adding it to the BB's bookmarks isn't too useful; if there's any way to sync its bookmarks with those on a host machine, I've never seen it, and I'm not sure that would be useful anyway. I've figured out how to post to from the BB, but the process is rather inconvenient. What I've found works best is to just mail page addresses to another (non-BB) email account.

So the other day I thought I'd go through and organize my pile of emailed links. I soon realized most of them were photo-related, and those alone made for a rather substantial list. Once I had that list formatted up half-decently, I thought, hey, I've put some work into this, I might as well share the result. I'm not sure it'll be useful for anyone except me, but hey, it might be...

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