Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hot Lazy Sundayism

So it's hot outside, and I'm too lazy to do much of anything except blog randomly. (Please recall that I only promised not to ever use the word "random" in titles of blog posts.) Here are a few things I came across while feedgrazing today, which I'm doing instead of enjoying the sunshine like a good Oregonian.

  • A cool photo of a dragonfly.
  • An article about the proposed "Oregon Wine Train" running between Portland and Grand Ronde, which would double as a commuter rail line, and triple as a train to the Spirit Mountain Casino. I'm all in favor of passenger rail, and I think this would be pretty cool, even though in practice it would end up being packed full of pretentious Californian (or wannabe-Californian) wine twits and geezers heading for the nickel slots. The initiative seems to be unrelated to the upcoming Beaverton-Wilsonville commuter line. Seems as though Portland-area commuter rail is being done in a piecemeal fashion, with no real central leadership taking place. I've gotten the impression that the bureaucracy at Tri-Met sees commuter rail as a threat to the expansion of light rail, which may explain why there aren't commuter rail routes between downtown and the other existing train stations in the metro area at Vancouver and Oregon City. But I'm not a bureaucrat, so what do I know?
  • It's a bad year to be a pelican here on the West Coast. Either you're starving, or you're getting poisoned by algae. And when the latter happens, humans just say you're "drunk" and laugh about it.
  • This very blog right here, translated into Pirate. Yarrrr!!! Shiver me timbers!!!! Blow the man down!!!

    More translators and such here.
  • The latest creepiness from our local bike subculture.
  • The Friday (Foo) Blogging thing has finallygone too far.

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