Friday, June 02, 2006

This blog has wings!


This is a picture of this humble blog, created with a tool called "Websites as Graphs", which I learned about here via ORblogs+Bloglines. (Bloglines is neat-o-riffic.)

The chunk on the upper right-hand side is obviously the head, with a neck and a body to the left, and a pair of very obvious wings. Clearly this blog is either a sleek migratory bird, or a star cruiser. Either one would be fine. Savor the image -- it's about the only time you'll encounter anything on this blog heading off to the right.

More images of other websites can be found on this Flickr page, but it's even more fun to just drop an url into the tool yourself; watching it run is half the excitement.

If you look at my sidebar, you might notice I've been bookmarking a lot of graph theory and Web 2.0 stuff lately, including a lot of OPML and XOXO stuff. Just some ideas I'm kicking around, and I'm not sure where it's all headed, if anywhere. If anything fun ever comes of it all, you might read about it here first, or not.

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