Friday, June 02, 2006

Thursday Market


Here's yet another sign that summer's just around the corner, despite what the weather might lead you to believe. The Portland Farmers Market began its thursday forays into Yuppiestan (a.k.a. Pugtopia, a.k.a. the Pearl District) yesterday. The locals annoy the hell out of me, but the market's close to the office, so I keep going back. Oh, and did I mention yesterday was also First Thursday as well? Jack Bogdanski has a short, curmudgeonly bit about yesterday's, um, art extravaganza. He's basically the local blogoverse's grumpy old guy who's against everything new, dammit, and he's overly fond of conspiracy theories, but he can be fun to read, and he's a rare break from the city's usual shiny-happy-people boosterism.

Portland Farmers Market, June 1st 2006

Anyway, fresh fruit season's only just begun, but local strawberries are starting to show up now, and I'm willing to put up with a lot if there's fresh fruit involved. Mmmm.... Strawberries...


As an extra bonus feature, here's a broken window in an empty building in the Pearl. The building was recently vacated by an auto repair business that had been there long before the area became all ritzy and trend-o-licious. Now the building's up for sale or lease, and I expect that before long we'll see a nice new wine and cheese shop, or maybe another doggie day spa. Or maybe they'll just tear the building out and put in a high-end condo tower at taxpayer expense, and then put in the doggie day spa. Goodness knows we need more of those. The building behind it is also vacant at the moment, so maybe that's where the inevitable tapas-n-cocktails bar will go.

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