Friday, June 09, 2006

Some Flowers, Etc.


A user comment (below) asserts this is a Rose of Sharon, I think specifically the Hypericum calycinum variety. Whatever it is, there are quite a few of them growing wild, or semi-wild, in Portland's Washington Park, down near the lower reservoir.


Meyer lemon blossoms.


A vinca (a.k.a. periwinkle). I actually didn't realize they were the same thing until just now. This one is from somewhere along SW Lincoln, I think.


A yellow iris at the corner of one of the Plaza Blocks, downtown.

Ok, so I'm trying to recreate a post Blogger ate yesterday. Seems like when I get a rare bit of free time to write anything here, Blogger goes down for "maintenance" yet again. I've actually got a whole list of topics written down, but I'd like to get this one out of the way first. I'm just stubborn that way.

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Anonymous said...

the yellow flower is a rose of sharron mate