Friday, March 03, 2006

Evwybody wuvs bunnies

Ok, I threatened to do this a while back. It seems that not everyone loved that picture of a French bulldog puppy I posted. So here a few pics of cute bunnies, because everyone loves bunnies.

Everyone, that is, except and his evil cronies. See, the first two pics are of the Northwest's very own , which is dwindling across its range due to habitat destruction. The Washington State population has been listed as an endangered species since 2003, which wasn't a tough call since there's only a few dozen of them left in the wild. However, just over a year ago the US Fish & Wildlife Service refused to seriously consider listing the species as a whole. Seems that certain pygmy rabbits made the poor choice to live in western Wyoming (Cheney's supposed home state, by which I mean "where his Tie Fighter crash-landed"), right on top of possible oil and gas deposits. And if there's one thing constant about the current administration, it's that anything or anyone who gets between them and their oil will be enthusiastically slaughtered.

Since George hates bunnies, we can be absolutely sure that Jesus hates bunnies too. Although maybe not for exactly the same reasons. Maybe he's still bitter about the whole Easter thing, which I guess is understandable, but condemning all rabbits over one single puny crucifixion (and a temporary one, too, if contemporary accounts are to be believed) is just overdoing it. I certainly would've thought he of all people would be above petty guilt-by-association. But then, I never was cut out to be a theologian, I guess. It's all so complicated.

Lest you think this whole post is going to be yet another political rant, let's move on to the third picture, which links to a post by a Swedish blogger. I'm not entirely what it's about; the only Swedish-to-English online translator I've come across is SYSTRAN, and the results aren't all that intelligible:

” how sheep one a rabbit to jump over an obstacle, and so many obstacles consecutive, that moreover is high?” The each the most common question I might until when I tävla in Kaninhoppning. I believe that the reply is an ensemble average rabbit and drivers, but also a lot of tactic, technology and to last friend with the animal. How man goes to weigh stages for stages goes to read in the last beech about Kanin-hoppning. The is typed of the before this federation's chairman Lisbeth Jansson, and the each also she that typed the very the first beech about this sport.

So from what I can gather, there's a competitive sport that involves having rabbits run obstacle courses. The link within the quote points at what is (I think) a local club or federation devoted to the sport. Who knew?

And what post about rabbits would be complete without at least one bad movie reference? The image above links to one review of the timeless classic "Night of the Lepus", starring Janet Leigh and DeForest Kelley, among others. Another review is here, and there's quite a few more out there, if you're interested, which I'm positive you are.

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