Wednesday, March 22, 2006


So here's another one of those posts where I celebrate the ineffable magic of the Next Blog button. Some of these are referrers: Someone, somewhere out there was clicking the magic button, visited one of these sites, and then showed up on my doorstep. Other ones are random blogs of interest I came across while using the magic button myself, which I've been known to indulge in now and then. As usual, ones I especially liked are in bold, although I'm too lazy to actually describe each blog this time around, so if you're curious why somebody got bolded, you'll have to go see for yourself, or not. I'll probably get tired of doing this sooner or later and stop. Or possibly I'll get so many visitors that it just becomes impossible to sort through. These pseudorandom referrals are a real minority of visitors anyway. Most are search engine hits, and I've also gotten a lot of blog-back visits to my "In Darkest Jesustan" post from a while back, since I linked to a Nation article down towards the bottom. I actually feel a bit bad about that; the title was far better than the actual post, which I think was something of a sour, ill-considered rant. So I think I may've left a few readers rather disappointed.

A fun thing about this sort of post is that you can make it as nonlinear as you like. When you update an existing blog entry, Blogspot often sends you a couple of new "Next Blog" people, so then you can go back, add those referrer pages, republish, and voila, even more visitors. And so on. It really gives you a nice illusion of control, or whatever.

Anyway, here's that list I was talking about, for better, or worse, or whatever:

BTW, the tropical fruit picture (which features several durians, among other things) isn't from any of these blogs, and quite honestly has nothing to do with this post whatsoever. I just thought the post needed a bit more color, is all.

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