Friday, March 17, 2006


This was originally a second copy of "No Name" (below), which inexplicably got posted twice. That seemed kind of useless, so I figured I'd do a gut-n-stuff job on it, and here's the result. A whole post about GWB's precious rug, which I've mentioned in passing once already. It just doesn't stop being funny. It's kind of weird how rare really good anti-GWB cheap shots are. Usually when George does something boneheaded, thousands of innocent people die. That tends to sap all the enjoyment right out of the thing.

First off, a pic of Bush's dog standing on the carpet, artfully cropped so we can't see what the hind end is doing.

Here's a site where you can buy a genuine Oval Office Rug, so you can pretend like you're just like Our Glorious Leader.

Here's a very different rug, which the poster says "accurately conveys how my stomach feels whenever President Bush appears on television.".

George says his wife is responsible for the rug. Go here to giggle over references to "Laura's rug". It's... just... too... easy....

Another story about that damn rug. The thing you really shouldn't miss here, though, is at the end of the article. Seems that for three years now, the violence in Iraq has always just been a "recent surge in violence". You could see this as a conspiracy within the mainstream media. But I'm happy to chalk this one up to incompetence on the media's part. Incompetence, plus lots of sheer laziness. Copy editors who chide you for trading in cliches and hackneyed phrases are a thing of the past, I'm afraid. After you've been a reporter for a year or two and haven't gotten your Pulitzer yet, I expect you come to realize that you get paid exactly the same if you do the absolute bare minimum of work, churn out a certain number of words of complete dreck, take everything you're told at face value, ask no tough questions, do no research, and provide no context or analysis. You get paid the same either way, and this is by far the path of least resistance. You get done quicker, and you can be out of your room and down in the hotel bar in record time. Which is the key thing, of course.

Oh, and here's a funny non-rug bit titled "Bush Gets New Speechwriter".


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