Thursday, March 02, 2006

Today's Found Objects

Four political pics: two of our Glorious Leader, and two of our Actual Leader.

Four items found by using that neato "Next Blog" button up in the corner, two of which are about food.

  • Random Thoughts That's the blog's name. Has an interesting post about ex-CNN anchor Aaron Brown's recent appearance at Southern Oregon University
  • A blogger from Chile reminisces about his old Atari. Ahh. A compatriot. I'll have to share some ancient Atari memories of my own some time.
  • The Blog that ate Manhattan, about cooking and such. The current recipe is for a Thai Beef Salad, and sounds very tasty.
  • The Shredded Monkey, another cooking blog, not actually featuring monkey in any form that I can tell. Current article is about grilling salmon. Mmmmm.... Fishhhh.....

Three articles about GWB's (hopefully dwindling) personality cult, plus one fun example of said cult:

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