Friday, March 24, 2006

Cassini is Da Bomb

What you're looking at is yet another amazing Cassini image from Saturn. We're looking across Saturn's rings, at a shallow angle, with the large moon (well, Titan's atmosphere, really) behind the rings, and the small moon silhouetted in front (it's the dark bit just to the right of dead center in the image). Like many Cassini images, it looks like cover art from someone's SF novel.

As a counterpoint, here's a reprint of an old Science Digest article about the head of the , and someone's impassioned pro-flat-earth rant. I'd be curious whether the flat-earthers think other planets and such are flat as well. "Flat Saturnian Ring Society", anyone?

And while we're on the topic of flat-earthers, here's the latest and greatest example of creepy Bush family crookedness. As the mother of our Glorious Leader, Barbara Bush enjoys an exalted position in our society, kind of like the Virgin Mary, except rich and evil. Evil? Well, just judge for yourself. It seems that she has quite the expansive notion of what constitutes Katrina relief. Hurricane relief, it seems, means that you donate money to the Houston school system that can only be used to buy products from 's sleazy little software company. That way you can at least be sure none of those icky poor people get any of your money, I guess. And yes, this Neil Bush (the president's brother) is the same Neil Bush of Silverado S&L fame, and Thailand sex tour fame. When the Kennedys do this, it's glamorous, for some reason. When the Clintons do it, you just giggle. But when the Bushes do it, it makes your skin crawl. Don't ask me why it's this way, it just is.

Back when Bush Sr. was president, the common meme was that Mrs. Bush was sort of the nation's grandma, ceaselessly toiling for our happiness, personally baking us billions of chocolate chip cookies daily or something. And why did we all think that, exactly? Could somebody please refresh my memory why we all apparently adored her so much? These days I'm starting to think she was actually the model for Mom from Futurama. Yikes!

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