Thursday, March 16, 2006


As your Unofficial Kiwaida Headquarters, I have a few more Kiwa hirsuta links to pass along, in addition to the existing list I've compiled, ever so painstakingly. (Also, here's my original post where I first mentioned the creature.)

BTW, today's image is the same Kiwa pic you've seen everywhere, except rotated 180 degrees. I'm left-handed. What can I say?

  • Here's the official news release from MBARI.
  • A blogger from Canada says I may never SNORKEL AGAIN.
  • From a post titled "Cutie pie Kiwa": I want a Kiwa of my own!! I can dress her up and try all kinds of hairstyles on her. She'd be like a Crustacean Barbie!
  • Another blogger asks "What does a lobster in drag taste like?". A: "Chicken. I bet it tastes like chicken."
  • The Waffling Anglican speculates: "Or perhaps it is trying to imitate a mammal to avoid being eaten during Lent." That hadn't occurred to me, but now that I think about it, I rather like the idea of a religious practice causing an evolutionary selection pressure. What would Pat Robertson have to say about that, I wonder?
  • Be sure to read the user comments at Swim at Your Own Risk ...
  • ...The Irish Trojan's Blog...
  • ...and Mo-Licious.
  • Pink Porcupette describes it as "a cross between a tick and a blonde gorilla". Yeah, I can see that. Although in tick terms, it's alarmingly huge. Yikes!
  • Another blogger sees it as a cross between a tick and a gibbon.
  • Angry and Sloppy calls it a "crabster". To me, that sounds like an appetizer at Applebee's, some sort of extruded, deep-fried, unidentifiable seafood nodule, slathered in a cheeselike sauce. Someday I'll write about my one and only trip to Applebee's, but right now the trauma is still too fresh.
  • A post titled "OMFG HAIRY LOBSTER", subtitled "Hairy Lobsters will Rule the Earth". So now, when the worst inevitably happens, you can't go around pretending you weren't warned.
  • Two posts from people who like the "crustacean goddess" angle of the story.
  • Univeral Hub links to a number of other good Kiwa stories.
  • My Life As A Bus lumps poor lil' Kiwa in with things like 3 headed frogs and 6 legged lambs (pics of both included), which I think is just a tad unfair. The kiwaida is supposed to look like that, after all.

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