Sunday, February 01, 2015

Vern Hansen Rose

The next Weston rose on the mini-tour is the Vern Hansen Rose, on a building in the big Hollywood District U-Store complex next to I-84, not far from the Melvin Weston Rose we took a look at earlier. I'm not sure who this one is named for.

The photo on the Portland Roses Tumblr is better than mine. Mine was taken looking down from the west side of the 28th Ave. overpass, and I imagine the Tumblr pic was taken from a car on the freeway or from a MAX train, since I'm not sure how else you'd get that angle. It also looks like the rose was repainted recently (i.e. since the December 2010 Tumblr post), since in my photos the rose is on a dark background, and the letters are now lighter than the background. It still has a big security camera poking out of the middle of the rose, though, so it looks like it's at least at the same place on the same wall as before.

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