Sunday, February 15, 2015

United Finance flag mural

One of the longtime landmarks along E. Burnside is the United Finance building at Grand Avenue, the building with the giant neon "LOANS" sign on top. This building is our next destination, not because I'm doing a neon project, as potentially interesting as that might be, but because of yet another mural. The back of the building has a giant US flag painted on it, facing the building's parking lot. I noticed it when I was looking for the Cthulhu mural a block or so east of here. Which was sort of a fun contrast. I'm sure the giant flag has been there for years, possibly decades, but I'd never had any reason to pay attention until this little project got going. I figured I was there anyway, and the question of whether a painting of a US flag is art was settled by Jasper Johns sixty years ago, so I took a couple of photos, and here they are. And now that I have photos for comparison, it's pretty clear this comes out ahead of the Marquam Building flag mural in downtown Portland, or the flags that are often paired with Weston roses for some reason. Unfortunately it's not signed, and I don't have a date for it, so I don't know who gets the prize for Best US Flag Mural in Portland That I Know Of. But of course that's a provisional award. There could easily be an even better one at a VFW hall out in the 'burbs or something like that.

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