Sunday, February 15, 2015

Union Market mural

The next mural on the ongoing tour is at the Union Market at NE MLK and Beech. Back in 2012, the store's blank wall facing Beech was being repeatedly hit by taggers. The market's owners were tired of this and brought in artists Dylan Kauz and Arise Rawk to do a mural on the wall, on the idea that this would prevent tagging. I gather that tagging someone else's art is generally considered bad form, although I've seen plenty of exceptions to this rule.

The market neglected to get a city permit for the mural first, though, so City Hall demanded they paint over it or face very large monthly fines. The King Neighborhood Association lobbied the city to let the mural stay, on the theory that permit or no, a mural is always better than a blank, graffiti-covered wall. I couldn't find a followup article explaining how that was resolved, but the mural's obviously still here, so they must have worked it out somehow.

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