Saturday, February 14, 2015

30 Seconds Over Portland

The next mural up is 30 Seconds Over Portland (aka Love Bomb), the WWII bomber dropping parachute hearts at SE 82nd & Woodstock. The mural's located on the back side of the McCollum Automotive building, facing a church parking lot. A Tribune story explains that it was created by Tim Janchar, based on an earlier painting of his, for an ongoing neighborhood revitalization effort called "Our Happy Block". A Culturalogique post has a story about the design. I haven't seen any other sources mentioning it, and I don't know whether it's accurate or not, but here's the story:

Commissioned by the son of a WWII veteran who’s father had flown this exact type of airplane bomber during the war. The son later witnessed his father’s tremendous guilt and loss over the destruction and death he had caused and commissioned this mural on his behalf.

Carl, Pastor of the Calvary Lutheran Church shared with me that the father was able to see it while still alive and it had brought him great joy to know that one of these bombers was now dropping ‘love-bombs’ all over Portland.

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