Sunday, February 01, 2015

N. Dekum & Borthwick

The next painted intersection we're taking a look at is at N. Dekum & Borthwick, a block east of Albina. A City Repair project list from 2006 describes it:

This community project will include an intersection painting designed to bring the values and culture of long-time and newly rooted residents together at the crossroads in celebration. The community chose the penguin theme for the design after the penguins that once lived down the block at Peninsula Park.

The design isn't very clear from these photos, I'm afraid. I didn't include anything about penguins in my todo list item, and when I got there I happened to be looking at it from the wrong angle and didn't clue in on what it was supposed to be. At least one of the red triangles is a beak, attached to a spiral that's really a penguin head. It's a lot more obvious if you tilt your head or rotate your monitor, whichever's easier.

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