Monday, February 09, 2015

North Tabor Mural

The next mural up is the North Tabor Mural at NE 47th & Burnside, on the Penumbra-Kelly Building, home to the Portland Police Bureau's traffic cops. The artists must have realized that traffic enforcement would be an unpopular theme for a mural, and went with a cheerful past-n-future neighborhood design instead. The RACC description:

The mural’s purpose is to fulfill the third part of the North Tabor Identity Project, the intent of which is to define North Tabor within the eyes of the community. On the west wall, the composition depicts modes of transportation in the neighborhood’s past, present, and possible future--old and new streetcar, Max line, old truck, and future car. The mural corner portrays the old fuel station that once stood at the site. As the corner turns to the south wall, residents of various cultures gather around to socialize, walk dogs, and enjoy the soapbox-derby down Mt. Tabor. Through these scenes flows a ribbon of fabric coming from women sewing in the historic Shogren House. The mural then depicts residents commuting on longboard and bicycle with one cyclist tows trees for public planting, beginning the municipal scene of firemen, place, public transit, and postal workers. The scene pulls away into a view of urban farming, and then opens into local farmlands of the past. Leaflets of paper fly through the composition on which neighborhood children contributed images of their own design.

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