Wednesday, May 16, 2007

roses, mostly




Roses around SW 14th & Montgomery, downtown Portland. ODOT plants a lot of roses and other flowers around freeways, I guess to make them a little less ugly. So these are your tax dollars (and mine) at work. I don't drive all that much, so the only way to really get my money's worth here is with a camera, I guess.

The chunk of open space you see in the second photo is not a park, it's ODOT land connected with the freeway, and it's fenced off, No Admittance. I had to peek my camera through a chain link fence to take this. As you can see on this map, it's a fairly good-sized chunk of land just sitting there fenced off, which is kind of a shame. Although I'm not entirely sure what else you could do with it, either.


This one's in what the city refers to as the "Unnamed Park at SW 14th and Hall", a triangle-shaped nook next to I-405, a few blocks south from the last batch of roses.


Wildflowers at Frank L. Knight Park, near the Vista Tunnels.


Flowers in an old stone wall on 4th Ave. The wall's all that remains of the original St. Mary's Academy building. It's been nothing but picturesque ruins for as long as I can remember.

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