Wednesday, May 09, 2007

You probably didn't notice, but...

...this blog now features 5% more tasty Web 2.0 goodness. Each post now comes with "Bookmark this on" and "Digg it" buttons, absolutely free. Making them work involved a bit of script futzing, and they're still kind of ugly, but I'm ready to declare Mission Accomplished. As with all Missions Accomplished, the hard part comes afterwards, by which I mean trying to make my posts worth bookmarking. So we'll see how that turns out, I suppose.

I also rearranged the link tree a little. I've never been entirely happy with it. After a long period of utter indifference, I've gone back to being mildly annoyed with it. So I moved a few things around, but I'm still not thrilled about it.

Oh, and for the first time in ages, I did a couple of uninteresting (but text-only!) new entries on a couple of my vast media empire's minor outposts, at MySpace and Bloglines. Nothing very interesting really; I'm just mentioning this for any completists out there who insist on reading every last word I write -- and I expect you probably don't exist anyway, so I'm wasting my breath here.

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