Monday, May 21, 2007

photo monday: sneeze-inducing edition




The #1 problem with taking photos of grass is that nobody will ever believe you. You can explain all you like that grass tassels are actually flowers, and that nothing else really looks like it, long, thin, angular and whatnot, and once you get to looking at it it's really kind of striking. Say that all you want. It won't help. People see you taking a photo, and they'll always assume you're doing something illegal, probably immoral, and possibly fattening too.

The #2 problem with taking photos of grass is hay fever. It's not quite peak pollen season just yet, but my, uh, detector keeps going off. I always claim I go to the mat for you guys, O Gentle Reader(s), and this is yet another example. Ok, sure, you didn't actually ask me to nuzzle up to pollen-spewing grass stems of doom, and chances are you don't care now that I've gone through with it. But still.

In case you're curious, photo #1 is from Tanner Springs, #2 is from Frank L. Knight Park, and #3 is in Lovejoy Fountain Plaza.

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