Monday, May 21, 2007

photo monday rides again

Assorted recent pics, FWIW:


The sky, a couple of hours ago.


The sky, a couple of weeks ago.


Detail of the Steel Bridge, with a bit of steel showing.


The tram, from SW Water Avenue & Lane St. I like this: An unreasonable number of wires snaking off in all directions, and one has a tram full of people hanging off of it.


Construction in the Pearl. It's all about framing the shot, you know.

sun & leaves

Sun & leaves, "Unnamed Park" @ SW 14th & Hall, downtown Portland.


Gate at the old St. Mary's Academy block on 4th Ave., downtown. It's just a parking lot now, but with a really amazing old stone wall around it.


Ok, sure it's graffiti. But at least it's graffiti by someone who (maybe) is familiar with Pierre Proudhon. I suppose that's an encouraging sign.


More graffiti, this time opining about the city. This building is the former "Psycho Burger King", at Burnside & Broadway downtown. Spend a lot of time here and you might start to agree with the sentiment expressed here.

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