Saturday, September 06, 2014

City Bikes Mural

The next installment in the new tracking-down-murals project takes us to SE 7th & Ankeny, where the City Bikes mural covers the outside of the co-op bike store of the same name. It's part if the city's sorta-public mural program, so it has an RACC description:

The “City Bikes” mural celebrates bicycle culture, infrastructure, advocacy, and cooperative effort. It highlights Portland’s commitment to alternative transportation infrastructure, evoking the community-building influences that bicycles, their riders, and their advocates stimulate. Artist Roger Peet hoped to inspire viewers to consider the role that the bicycles play in both the growth of a city as well as in that city’s struggle to recreate itself as one that has a smaller negative impact on the environment and a greater positive one on its inhabitants.

The store's announcement about the mural includes a sketch of the design, which makes it more obvious that the mural as a whole is a closeup of part of a bike, wrapped around the building. I didn't clue in on that at the time I was there.

I also ran across someone else's 2013 design for City Bikes, which must be located somewhere else since I didn't see it here. It's a much more metal design than this one, complete with a skull and some roses.

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