Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sullivan's Gulch 1806 and Confluences in Time

The next mural on our ongoing public mural tour has the ungainly title Sullivan's Gulch 1806 and Confluences in Time, a neighborhood nature-and-history mural for the Sullivan's Gulch neighborhood. It's located at NE 17th & Weidler, on the back wall of the Broadway Grill & Brewery. It's a decent design, and it's kind of a shame they chose to only paint a small portion of an otherwise blank wall. The description from its RACC page:

The mural showcases the Sullivan’s Gulch neighborhood as it appeared 200 years ago with 47 different native plants and animals. The mural border depicts Native American petroglyphs along with hobo signs from the 1930s. The mural is a culminating work for the Grace Academy Confluence Project, Untold Stores, and Unsung Heroes.

The mural dates to 2006, a year newer than the Street Twig sculpture (and its associated condo building) one block west of here. Every so often the city tries its hand at making the Sullivan's Gulch neighborhood trendy, and turning the retail strip along NE Broadway into the next Hawthorne or Pearl District. It never quite pans out, but the neighborhood sort of muddles through it and picks up whatever goodies the city throws its way. The mid-2000s effort bumped up against the end of the great real estate bubble, but there's a renewed push on now, albeit mostly west of here for the time being. The CL Line streetcar arrived a bit over a year ago, and now the area around the 7th Avenue MAX station is a giant construction zone, with multiple large buildings going up at once. Sooner or later the vacant lot behind the brewery will be too valuable not to build on, and at that point the mural will go away, presumably having served its purpose.

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