Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Cars into Plowshares

Here's a slideshow of of Cars into Plowshares, the mural outside the Farm Cafe restaurant at SE 7th & Burnside. It's yet another installment in the city's quasi-public mural program, so it has an RACC page with a description:

The mural is composed of a farmer tilling the paved land of a 20th century city, transforming it into a renewable, sustainable urban farm community. It reflects not only the goals of The Farm Cafe to promote local, sustainable farming, but of the greater Portland community’s goal for green living throughout the city. The mural brings color and interest to the site as well as contributes to the continued growth of the cultural and economic significance of the neighborhood.

The artist's website includes a big portfolio of primarily commercial mural work, but a profile in the UO Alumni magazine says she's now focusing on industrial design, and has won awards in that field.

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