Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Portland Store Fixtures Mural

Apparently I've wandered into a new tracking-stuff-down project, and this time it's outdoor mural art. I've mentioned before that there's a weird legal situation around public murals in Portland; the one upside of that whole legal saga is that there's an official list of "approved" murals, excluding only those that were grandfathered in.

So the next installment in this new project is the mural at the Portland Store Fixtures store, at 110 SE Main, near the Hawthorne Bridge. (It's the same building that also has all the creepy mannequins posed on the roof.) The description from its RACC page:

Each of the four panels in this mural depicts a different stage and location in Oregon and its relationship to water and the life cycle. The mural represents the importance of water and the vital role it plays in our community and state, and provides a reminder to conserve and protect our environment.

The first panel depicts the wetlands at dawn with the female figure as mother earth bringing water and life to the world. The herons, Portland’s official bird, and the salmon are both an important part of the Northwest. The second panel depicts our forests and the rivers that run through them promoting growth and life. The third depicts the role water plays in industry and agriculture, bringing electricity from the eastern Oregon farmlands into Portland. The last panel portrays the Oregon coast with a child taking water from the ocean.

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