Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cherry Sprout Produce Mural

The next stop on the ongoing tour of Portland public murals is the one at the Cherry Sprout Produce store at N. Sumner & Albina, next to tiny Sumner-Albina Park. Here's the mural's groovy RACC description:

The Cherry Sprout Market mural brings different elements together to show the dynamic harmony of nature, farming, wildlife, plants and different states of time. It is purposely abstract in order to be more open ended and create energy for the viewer to step into the mural. It provides multiple vantage points from which to view nature, elements of human intervention, and their place in nature. All greens used in the mural match the neighborhood region and are considered by the artists to be planetary and universal as they are brought into the neighborhood through the mural.

The adjacent park has changed a bit since I posted about it in 2012, and it's lost much of its twee, overgrown look now. It must be a recent change, since it still had much of its old landscaping in April of this year when a British Columbia gardening blog paid a visit. I don't see anything on the net about remodeling here, so I don't know why the place has changed, and frankly I liked it better the old way. Maybe the twee hobbity look has simply gone out of fashion now, and I'm not cool enough to have been cc'd on the memo. I dunno.

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