Saturday, September 13, 2014

(ex-)Mellow Mushroom Mural

The next public mural on our ongoing project is in the Pearl District, at 14th & Flanders outside the former Mellow Mushroom pizza place, which is currently being transformed into the new Portland location for Bend's 10 Barrel Brewing. This is one of two new brewpub outposts opening soon in the Pearl, the other being a Portland outpost of Cleveland's Fat Head's Brewing, which I understand is supposed to open some time in October.

The pub wasn't open yet when I walked by. I could see they'd done a lot of interior work but the mural was unchanged so far. The mural design doesn't specifically say "hippie pizza joint" anywhere, so maybe they're going to keep it. It was a very boring ex-industrial building before the mural went in, so I kind of hope they do. Or at least replace it with something equally colorful if they don't keep it.

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