Wednesday, October 11, 2006

uncommon cold edition

I'm trying to recover from a nasty head cold, so right now I don't have anything interesting to say about much of anything. In lieu of any sparkling insights about the universe, here are a few recent photos, plus a few randomish links further down the page.

Some interesting fall fruit or berries on some sort of deciduous tree. I'm hoping one of this blog's "many" Gentle Reader(s) might be able to identify this tree, because I sure can't. Back in my Boy Scout days, they didn't spend a lot of time teaching us to identify deciduous trees, because it's the Northwest, and we're all about conifers here.

The latest symptom of our fair city's desperate shortage of the letter 'Y'.


Two photos of the salmon fountain tucked away in the parking garage in the SE corner of the Lloyd Center Mall, just south of the Sears store. I'd heard rumors there was a fountain lurking somewhere in the vast reaches of the garage, but I'd never seen it until just a few days ago. So here it is.

Near the fountain, there's a sort of art installation consisting of maybe half a dozen boxes like this one, each containing a consumer object of some sort, and with some words on the outside of the box as a sort of ode to the joy of shopping. Someone came along later and defaced this one a little: Note the word "KILL!" on the glass over the teddy bear. The window on the other side has the word "SHOP!". Reasonable people can disagree, of course, but I think this kind of adds to the art rather than detracts from it. Well, I mean, in the sense that it then becomes an example of the art world's usual boilerplate critique of consumerism and pop culture. You probably can't graduate art school anymore without doing something really absurd and cruel to a Barbie doll at least once.

Speaking of consumerism, here are the shiny new delivery vans at the New Seasons grocery store on Division. Now I can be lying at home, sick as a dog, and a nice shiny van will come and bring me beer. Mmm.... Beeeeer....

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Food Dude said...

Those little art boxes are the strangest thing. I walk past about once a month (my dog likes that gangbanger bark across the street), and just wonder who paid how much for those things. Mmm... public art. I'm glad to see they took it so seriously.