Friday, October 13, 2006

autumnal & fogbound


Ok, so now we're getting our annual helping of autumn fog. Lucky, lucky us. At least it can make for fun photos now and then. I like the middle one with the crow, although taking black and white photos of a crow on a foggy day almost feels like cheating somehow. It's just too easy.


In any case, I'm much too busy to do the traditional all-out Friday linkdump today, but here are a few odds and ends I ran across in my spare moments:
  • Meet Mus cypriacus, a newly-discovered mouse species endemic to Cyprus. Well, ok, "newly-discovered" in the sense that nobody realized they were a separate species until now, although it seems they're a local household pest on the island.
  • Here's your friendly neighborhood reminder about tomorrow's Fresh Hop Festival at the Lucky Lab pub in NW Portland. Mmmm.... Hops....
  • Another bit about the new Broadway Brewery over on (you guessed it) NE Broadway. The review kind of misses the point, unfortunately, going on about the food and barely mentioning the beer. I dropped by a week ago, and found the place quite pleasant. Sadly, they don't have their Hop On on tap at the Broadway location just yet, but hey, they're new. It'll all work out eventually. I mean, sheesh, nobody goes to ice cream restaurants and complains about the beer, so what's with the double standard here, eh? :)
  • Meanwhile, here's a new (to me) drinking game you might enjoy (Legal Disclaimer: Responsibly! Responsibly!!!): Edward 40 Hands. Because nothing improves the beerdrinking experience like a big roll of duct tape.
  • And xkcd teaches us a valuable lesson about words that end in "GRY".

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pdxfooddude said...

Yeah, but portlandfoodanddrink is mainly about the food. I'm LOOKING for a beer writer ;)