Thursday, October 05, 2006

today's fall photo harvest

fallen oak leaves

I'm taking color photos while I still can, as the long grim black-n-white months are nearly upon us. I admit I did take a few early b+w pics a couple of weeks ago when we had a bit of rain. I wandered around the Pearl trying to take pics to make the place look drab and grim and industrial. (I posted a few of those pics here last friday.) I cheefully admit that using b+w is a form of cheating on that point -- and not just plain vanilla cheating; this is Amateur(ish) Photography 101-level cheating. But so be it. It does usually work, after all.


Until the rainy season really begins in earnest, I can get by with another old chestnut from the Amateur(ish) Photography 101 bag of tricks: Beads Of Water On Stuff. Again, it often works pretty well, which is why it's an old chestnut. Also, anything with autumn leaves usually turns out ok, plus people will cut you slack if the work isn't absolutely top-notch, since there's this common notion that pictures of leaves turning or falling are sort of a metaphor for something or other. Or possibly a simile, or maybe an analogy. Or whatever.



fallen oak leaves

autumn leaves, lovejoy fountain

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