Thursday, October 12, 2006

autumnal & roseate


Back in the distant pre-digital camera days of yore, I never noticed all the trees and shrubs bearing fruit (inedible fruit, probably) this time of year. Here are two more examples, plus some nice red-orange leaves I saw this morning. If you want to split hairs, some of the colors here aren't precisely "roseate", strictly speaking, but it's a nice word, and I wanted to use it. Possibly either "rubicund" or "erubescent" would be more accurate, but really, you have to draw the line somewhere. Unless you're writing Victorian epic poetry, and really you shouldn't be in this day and age, "erubescent" is a little twee. Ok, more than a little, even if you're writing poetry of any kind (and really you shouldn't be in this day and age).


morning oak

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