Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Series of Intarwebs

Apropos of nothing, I just discovered that the phrase "series of intarwebs" appears nowhere on the Series of Intarwebs, at least according to Google. That surprised me a little, so I figured I'd go ahead and address the problem.

Actually I shouldn't say "apropos of nothing", when it's clearly apropos of Ted Stevens . I know I don't talk politics a lot here anymore, but this thing is comedy gold.

Speaking of comedy gold, the David Vitter story sure disappeared quickly. Call me a cynic, but that makes me wonder just who else is on the infamous madam's list. Newspaper editors? Publishers? TV news execs, maybe? Hmmmmm...


Anonymous said...

Vitter story dead? Not at my blog! Click the link below, and make sure and head for Your Right Hand Thief - a NOLA based blog that actually breaks things.

Anonymous said...

Or click the link above - wev.