Thursday, August 02, 2007

My uber-belated OBF 2K7 post

As I mentioned before, I went to the Oregon Brewers Festival last week. I posted a few photos earlier, but I haven't gotten around to working my notes up into a proper post. I really did intend to just go and try a short list of beers this time. I was very firm about that being the plan. But it turns out there are plans, and then there are plans.

It's a bit late to do a proper writeup now, with formal tasting notes, star ratings to 3 decimal places, and so forth. I barely remembered all these beers while I was in the middle of drinking them. And now it's even more of a hopeless task. So instead, here are my raw notes I took on the ol' Blackberry.

There were beers after those listed here, but I ran into friends at that point, and nerding out on the BB seemed a tad rude. And thus my subsequent zymurgical impressions were lost to posterity. FWIW.


Started with Pliny. I just don't learn, do I? But it's so good, though...

Klamath golden next. Better than I expected, can taste the hops after pliny. Darker, maltier. Nice. Revise comments on beer trip post.

Calapooia Yankee Clipper IPA
Oooooh. Blurb says "crisp", I thought this beforehand. Good for me. Too bad there's no reason to visit Albany...

"Woooo!" I didn't join in

Bourbon Barrel Dubbel from Flying Fish
Weird after other beers - minty/vanilla/? Ohhh right. Bourbon. Weird how that goes. I don't think the belgians use bourbon barrels. Their loss - offsets the cloying "candi sugar". You warm up to it.

Max's - Farmer's Daughter. Not coming through as well, 7 abv saison. Nice, clean. Spices? Trying because new brewpub. Tigard, trying to be local just to tigard - "bioregional". Quaint, eccentric. Some there there, but not that much.

Ninkasi Believer - "double red". Got to love our usa utilitarian style labels. Doesn't constrict the imagination.
Ooh. Great. Hoppy and very dry, almost roasty. Should be wife's favorite beer. 7abv

Why do I see dslrs everywhere now?

Proper woooo : guy's on phone, starts a woooo so person knows where he is.

Industrial IPA - diamond knot. Missed them at spring fest. Dang, it's an ipa but 8.2 abv. Alcohol comes through - "hot"
It's to the hard-to-taste point now. I'll need another one of these in other circumstances.

Hops as decor. HopUnion tent is doing a hops petting zoo, bless their hoppy little hearts.

Food options include fondue, garlic fries

Red Thistle Quercus - barrel aged red thistle. Not overwhelming vanillin like dubbel. Hoppy, a little acidic? Quite different than vanilla (non-vanilla?) Red Thistle.

You can only go so far intellectualizing beer.

Betsy Ross Imperial Golden - philadelphia's
7abv. I like the place. Have a naming issue I think, people don't realize they're local or think they're a chain., maybe they don't mind.
No strong opinion. Nice, crisp, fresh, golden. Lawn mowing... After! Not before.

Just did a wooo. It always happens eventually.

Will have porter next. There's always a contrarian.

72 beers = 12 beers * 6 pods. Nice and Mesopotamian, appropriately.

Donner party porter
Sweet molasses flavor, not so much hops as some. Contrarian blurb. About hop monster next door, which was a safe bet. Although actually between a witbier and an extra pale. It's a nice change. Kinda roasty, etc.

Last year made snide comment about thurs. Beerfest, but good. People have to work tomorrow. More mellow, not a uk-style binge, although heard guy getting wasted, going to timbers at 7 - hooligan.
Tg Triple - term grav. Hoppy , nice. More ipa than belgian, thankfully.


Triple threat IPA - lucky lab. Ohhhh. Very hoppy, piney. Favorite?

Red zone
Dusty trail - floral, clean
Bayern pils - typical, fine.
Titan ipa
Lava rock porter

Ram Double Exposure. Good, friend hates it.

Bitch Creek ESB. More of a red, guide says so. Good name tho.

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