Friday, June 08, 2007

cris de coeur


Most graffiti is really stupid. People always say it's an art form and all that, but if that's the case, most of the time it's really bad art, and all it says is "hey, look at me, I was here."

Here are a handful of exceptions I've run across recently. In the top photo, someone has written on a decaying poster "I just want to mean something". This is next to one of the Fremont bridge supports, up in the dreary semi-industrial part of NW Portland.

(If you're wondering about the title, here's a great explanation. Basically a "cri de coeur" is like a heartfelt plea, but much fancier.)


A truism every graffiti artist knows, and no politician has apparently ever learned.


I'm convinced this kite picture is trying to make a point. I don't know what it is yet, but it just has that look. Maybe it's the eyes.


A rare bit of graffiti in the Pearl, insisting the place is not any safer. Sadly, it lacks crucial bits of context. Safer compared to when? Or due to what?


Every hippie's favorite number. You see this around town a lot (like this for example), and it doesn't look like it's all the same person.


Posters aren't technically graffiti, but this seemed to fit here. Either poster by itself wouldn't be a big deal, but they make for a nice dichotomy. When you see something like this in the wild, be sure to take a photo of it. Anything with a dichotomy in it is Art, automatically. It doesn't even have to be a very good photo, which this isn't.

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