Monday, June 04, 2007


bachelor's button, pearl district

Another batch of photos, half of them flowers, the other half not, for once. These were taken around the Pearl District & NW Portland, if I recall correctly.






I probably ought to be saying something useful and relevant right now rather than posting photos of flowers and such, but I don't really feel like it today. If you're looking for something meatier (and just about anything would be), check out this Bojack post about the latest Saturday Market shenanigans. The city still thinks moving the market is a done deal, even though their condo tower plans have fallen through (at least for the moment). I honestly don't understand what it is they have against Saturday Market. I really don't. The last time I covered the ongoing situation, I was cautiously optimistic. Now, not so much. What is it with the city these days, anyway?

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