Wednesday, June 20, 2007

on the road again

iris, saddle mountain


I'll be on a roadtrip for a few days, and my camera and Blackberry aren't on speaking terms, so this blog's going 100% old-sk00l ASCII text for a few days. Well, old-sk00l if you consider being able to post to the interwebs from a phone, but not being able to post photos, to be old-sk00l. I dunno. The standards keep changing all the time, and it's tough to keep up.

And then again, where I'm going I might not be able to post at all. There are still vast regions of the Western US that lie entirely outside the Series Of Tubes, or at least the Series Of Wireless Tubes, and I'll be there for at least part of the trip. It's also possible I'll be too busy to post anything, or I just won't get around to it or something. In any case, with any luck I'll register visitor number 30,000 while I'm away. If that's you, congrats. You win something, probably.

Until I get back, here are a couple of pics of Saddle Mountain State Park, the highest point in Oregon's Coast Range. There's more where these came from, and I swear only some of them will be flowers. Honest. I mean it.

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MicroImages said...

I keep bumping into great science and nature blogs. I love it!