Sunday, May 24, 2015

William "Bill" Potts Rose

The next Weston rose mural on our occasional tour is the William "Bill" Potts Rose, next to a gas station at NE 33rd & Broadway. Like a lot of the other roses this also includes a big US flag, plus ads for the self-storage and property management arms of the Weston real estate empire. There's also a little "Under God" beneath the flag, which most of them don't have. A 2008 Stumptown Stumper in the Tribune mentions that this rose honors one of Joe Weston's close friends. To be honest I'm kind of surprised more people in commercial real estate don't do stuff like this, I mean, not rose murals per se, but little nods to close friends and family. Maybe the sort of people who prosper in commercial real estate don't often have close friends and family. I dunno.

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