Friday, May 01, 2015

Persistent Parabola

The next mural on our tour is Persistent Parabola by DALeast, a prominent Chinese mural artist. It's located on the north side of the East Side Central Garage building at SE 6th & Yamhill, and was created for Portland's 2014 Forest for the Trees mural-palooza. An article about it at Street Art News includes a quote from the artist:

The new mural titled “Persistent Parabola”, this is the moment of the wave playing with a cargo ship and the falling crates. There is a old Chinese saying: Water can carry a boat, it can also turn it upside down.I imaging my life journey is like the cargo ship carrying all the crates on the ocean, as well as the plans, wishes, relationships and the things that I've attached with as the importance. By thinking of the capacity and impermanence face to the ocean, I feel I am the most insignificant one in the entire world. It brings me more appreciations towards what I have right now. I guess that’s where the idea come from behind this work.

A Hypebeast article about the mural includes a short making-of video, because Portland murals always seem to have making-of videos, or at least all the cool ones do.

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