Friday, May 01, 2015

Walgreens mural, SE Chavez & Belmont

The next mural up is a very large nature scene on one side of the Walgreens store at SE Chavez (39th) & Belmont. I haven't been able to find out a lot about this one. I ran across it on a Kay's Bird Club post and went to check it out. A post about it at the short-lived, erstwhile PDX Murals blog (which was only active for 2 months in 2007) tells us it's been there since at least 2007, but I don't know exactly when it was created or by whom. The store itself dates to some time in the 1990s (at least according to a Vintage Portland comment thread about the 39th & Belmont intersection), so that gives us a rough time window, at least.

A Tumblr called "Art Wall of Shame" ranted about this mural a couple of years ago, invoking both Thomas Kinkade and Bob Ross. Which, I dunno... I mean, nobody goes to a Tumblr called "Art Wall of Shame" looking for nuanced art criticism, but that's just plain cruel, that is.

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