Friday, May 01, 2015

Geometric Windmill

This is going to be a somewhat unusual art post. Geometric Windmill is a sculpture that sat in Lake Oswego's Millennium Plaza Park back in 2007. I was relatively new at blogging back then and neglected to get a photo showing the name of the thing, so the photos sat around unused in iPhoto for aeons. Well, internet aeons, but you get the idea. So I dug the photos out some time last year and started digging around looking for a name. Mostly, I admit, because it seemed like an interesting and non-trivial internet search problem to work on. I actually ended up doing some Google image search, looking for anything similar to my photos here, and/or any art from Lake Oswego taken during the right time period. This eventually led me to an old city arts page with a little info on it, crucially giving the name and artist. It's by Minnesota sculptor Tom Brewitz, who specializes in kinetic art like this. A page on his website includes a video of Geometric Windmill doing its thing (though note that it's a 14mb QuickTime download, not just something you can watch on YouTube). The sculpture has long since left Lake Oswego. At one point it was included in the Port of San Diego's Urban Trees 3, a rotating exhibition along the San Diego waterfront. More recently, the city of Mount Dora, Florida purchased it around 2013 or so and installed it to spruce up the city's downtown. So that's the story. I suppose it's not really much of a story, and I realize probably nobody besides me cares at all, but The Case of the Geometric Windmill was a longstanding (albeit minor) mystery here at this humble blog, and I'm a little pleased to have finally sorted it out.

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