Thursday, November 15, 2012

North Falls, Silver Falls

A slideshow from North Falls in Silver Falls State Park, downstream from Upper North Falls and a short walk from the North Falls trailhead. I don't have a lot to add about the park beyond what I covered in the Upper North Falls and Winter Falls posts, but I should point out that this is one of a couple of Silver Falls waterfalls where the trail goes behind the waterfall. (South Falls is another, and there may be others that don't spring to mind right away.) I loved that sort of thing as a kid; it was easy to imagine you were hiding out in a secret Gondorian fortress, despite the steady stream of hikers wandering through. This was always interspersed with occasional moments of "Hey, wait, what if the whole thing gives way & collapses while I'm under here?". Actually that's still more or less my reaction, despite knowing how incredibly unlikely a cave in would be. Am I the only person who ever thinks that?

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