Wednesday, November 21, 2012

South Falls, Silver Falls

One last (for now) photoset from Silver Falls State Park, this time from South Falls. Like North Falls at the other end of the park, a short trail winds down to the base of the falls and then continues along behind the falls.

South Falls is next to the park's main parking lot and visitor facilities, so the trail tends to be pretty busy, and you may have to be patient if you prefer photos without people in them. I realize I'm probably in the minority on that point, but there you have it. In retrospect it was nice having to slow down a bit. I was in the middle of yet another week-long photo staycation, and when I do those I tend to go charging around with an overloaded TODO list, trying to grab a comprehensive batch of photos in the least amount of time and then hightailing it off to the next destination on the list. The theory being that I don't have a lot of free time to go take photos beyond central Portland otherwise, so I need to rush around and fill up the tank then so I'll have stuff to blog about on gloomy mid-November days like today. That actually works out rather well, I think, and I'd probably just burn my whole vacation messing around on the interwebs without anything to show for it if I wasn't out taking photos. Still, it's not particularly relaxing at the time, so it was nice to have to stop and wait for people and actually enjoy the scenery a bit. I may have burned an extra ten, even fifteen minutes that way. It was nice.

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