Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pittman Addition expedition

Roy Beach Park

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Today's fun adventure takes us back to North Portland, to our fair city's kinda-shiny, kinda-new Pittman Addition HydroPark, just north of Going St., and across an ooky skybridge from tiny little Stanich Park. I actually mentioned this place briefly in the Stanich Park post, under the name "Roy Beach Park". That's what a 2002 parks levy doc called it, and this now-vanished doc was the only mention of the place on the interwebs. I mean, apart from this humble blog. And now that the levy doc has exited the series of tubes, this humble blog seems to be the one mention of the place anywhere, at least by that name.

And now the Water Bureau's running the place as part of its growing HydroPark system, as they have some sort of underground "vault" (whatever that is) located here. So they're putting in some paths and a little art and generally sprucing it up a bit -- none of which you can see in the above photo because it's an old photo from 2007, taken along with my Stanich Park pics. Actually the park's official grand opening is this coming Saturday, September 26th 2009, if anyone out there happens to be interested.

FWIW, PortlandMaps indicates that the west half of the park does belong to the water bureau, while the east half belongs to the ultra-glamorous "Bureau of General Services". That's what PortlandMaps says, although in 2000 the Bureau of General Services was merged into the equally glamorous "Office of Management and Finance", and its "Facilities Services Program" is likely responsible for the land here. In case you were wondering, I mean. I know I was.

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