Sunday, September 27, 2009

a bus stop in vegas

waiting for a bus, caesars palace

A couple of photos of the scenery while waiting for the Deuce bus in front of Caesars Palace.

It's true that Portland has art near transit stops too, but it's usually psuedo-educational crap, often done in a pseudo-Northwest Indian style, typically on themes like "Heroic Salmon Swimming Upstream" or "Why Rain Is Nice" or "Being Mean To People Is Bad". One eventually tires of that sort of thing. Gratuitous nekkidness, not so much.

waiting for a bus, caesars palace

In the second photo, you can see a small inscription on the base of the photo. It reads:
TELEX 590009

My guess is that the first line is either the artist or the foundry the statue's from. The second line is their Telex number, I suppose in case you wanted to get in touch and buy your own copy of the statue, the way a more recent work would direct you to a website. If the artist/foundry is still operating, they probably aren't reachable by Telex anymore, so this is a rare example of a technologically obsolete statue. In Vegas, when something becomes obsolete they tend to implode it and replace it with something fancier and glitzier. Which in this case could mean a new statue, similar but with a web address on it, and upgraded a couple of cup sizes. It just stands to reason.

waiting for a bus, caesars palace

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